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Representing Buyer



Due at the close of escrow
12% below industry average
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Representing Seller



Due at the close of escrow
15% below industry average
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Representing Both



Due at the close of escrow
8% below industry average
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what we do

  • Request and review escrow and commission instructions.
  • Open escrow (if instructed) and confirm the EMD has been received.
  • Review all contracts and documents to ensure proper execution.
  • Introduce ourselves as your TC and establish transaction timeline with all parties.
  • Provide 24/7 access to property documents via Google Drive.
  • Order and review NHD Report, Prelim Report and Home Warranty.
  • Prepare/Request Seller's Disclosure Packet and Broker required forms.
  • Assist client with the completion of escrow paperwork.
  • Send documents for signature and verify completion.
  • Follow up on the appraisal and request loan status updates.
  • Draft addendums needed throughout the transaction.
  • Issue contingency reminders, extensions and follow ups on outstanding items.
  • Deliver complete file as a PDF to you, your Broker & Client at close of escrow.

agents responsibilities

  • Review reports, negotiate repairs or any changes to the contract.
  • Schedule and supervise inspections.
  • Complete Agent Visual Inspection and Final Walk-through (VP).
  • Provide EXACT wording for any addendums needed throughout the transaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Relaxed Agent different from other transaction management companies?

For starters, we don't sell you on over produced real estate marketing pictures of an agent giving you a thumbs up! The proof is in the pudding and we're told our pudding is the best! Seriously, we have a handful of seasoned real estate professionals with experience from brokerages that are self-driven entrepreneurs! We're committed to handling your files like they were our own.

How hands-on do I have to be?

We use several platforms to communicate updates on your file or requests that need your attention. We promise that we'll take the bulk of the labor off your plate and only advise when it's absolutely necessary. The whole idea is that you're a Relaxed Agent :)

Will I have access to my files during and after the file closes?

For sure! We store your files securely in the cloud giving you 24/7 access to them at any point.

What is Slack and how is it useful?

Slack is the #1 collaboration tool used by real estate professionals. It enables frictionless communication, an easier workflow amongst our agents and the rest of the team at Relaxed Agent. Our agents receive instant updates on their mobile device or computer pertaining to each transaction, We also collaborate on transactions and make calls right from the app.

Do I need to provide my own forms?

Nope! Our services encompass the entire transaction including all CAR forms and associated forms with your file. If your brokerage requires that a specific checklist be completed, shoot it our way and we'll be sure to knock it out.

Can you help with an existing transaction I have already started?

Absolutely! Sometimes the paperwork is too overwhelming or your previous TC dropped the ball. No matter the case, we can hop in and work our magic.