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your preferred tc

By Partnering up, your saving each time and money with each file!

We've joined forces with several brokerages across California to accelerate their processing time and increase production. Fill out the form below and get started today!

the breakdown

Most small brokerages don't have their own in-house Transaction Coordinator. This means their agents are having to outsource and pay for it out of their own commission. Wouldn't it make sense to charge your agents a flat rate for Transaction Coordinating services while YOU get them at a discounted rate from us?

The Perks

Here's what to expect when we're your preferred tc:
  • An opportunity to capture additional revenue with each file.
  • Volume discounts on single and dual agency fee's.
  • After hour and weekend support to ensure a closed escrow.
  • Marketing shoutouts from our Social Media channels to boost agent awareness for your Brokerage.
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