The 1 Thing Missing from your Transaction Software

There's no doubt that technology makes the world a better place. When it comes to automation and servicing your clients, the one thing missing from your go-to software might have been under your hat the whole time.
Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Clients expect a helpful response from your agency as quickly as possible. Under this pressure, even the most superstar agent can be tempted to compromise their high-level, personalized touch for a quick and easy closing. Resorting to robotic, impersonal auto-responses from your transaction software can help stem the tide of support requests but often leaves your buyers or sellers feeling dissatisfied.

Often, your client will come to you asking if you carry the proverbial quarter-inch drill bit, when what they really need is a quarter-inch hole.

Software like Dotloop and SkySlope are great and save tons of time but they're reshaping the way agents do business, which means that the role of the agent will become even more crucial to achieving an integrated customer experience strategy.

Together, Dotloop and SkySlope estimate 3.6 million transactions will be completed through their platform this year! That means that your client outreach and overall impressions will have to move each and every client. The complexity of providing customers with a connected experience frequently spans multiple channels including Internet, web chat, social media, and phone!

In some aspects, it’s almost like we're trying to ruin customer service by ignoring obvious technology solutions. This may not be the case across the board as I personally know a hand-full of agent s that WOW their clients with the intention of a possible referral.

What potential home buyers and sellers value most is a personal touch; interactions that make them feel like humans, not dollar signs.

To be effective, the technology solutions need design, ownership, and especially a human touch.

Relaxed Agent raises the bar when interacting with our agents and we never miss an opportunity to please. The takeaway here is that transaction software is awesome but using a dedicated team of professionals that treat your transaction like their own is better.



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