New Listing? Tweet about it using these 25 Hashtags

As a real estate professional, creating a strong social media presence is an essential part of your overall marketing strategy. Even if you're not big on tweeting, using these hashtags will boost your overall presence.
Saturday, July 29, 2017

First things first. Establish your brand on Twitter and plan your attack to your ideal target market. Your online brand should echo the brand you have established offline. Allow the look and feel to seamlessly blend between your traditional and online marketing by using the same profile picture, design and color scheme throughout.

Now that the basics are out of the way, let's dive into the must-use hashtags to optimize those 140 characters.

  1. #RealEstate
  2. #Realtor
  3. #Realty
  4. #Broker
  5. #ForSale
  6. #NewHome
  7. #HouseHunting
  8. #MillionDollarListing
  9. #HomeSale
  10. #HomesForSale

Consider the hashtag — the ubiquitous little symbol (#) that identifies keywords and gives a message context, meaning and endurance. By adding a hashtag to a word, you make your entire message searchable so that other social media users — even people who don’t follow you — can find it and read what you have to say.

Our Twitter page uses #relaxandsell to shout from atop our mountain. To our surprise, "relaxandsell" wasn't taken! Who doesn't want to relax while they sell?!

Used correctly, the right hashtags can grab your audience’s attention and get them to follow you.Here are 30 Twitter hashtags every real estate agent should know. Now, to the last 15...

  1. #Property
  2. #Properties
  3. #Investment
  4. #Home
  5. #Housing
  6. #Listing
  7. #Mortgage
  8. #HomeInspection
  9. #CreditReport
  10. #CreditScore
  11. #Foreclosure
  12. #NAR
  13. #EmptyNest
  14. #Renovated
  15. #JustListed

Between listing appointments and showings, juggling your day and your duties is no easy task. To make better use of the time you devote to Twitter, try using tools that allow you to listen, respond and interact with your followers. While running from listing appointment to showings may keep you tied up throughout the day, it cannot be an excuse to simply pop in and out of Twitter on an inconsistent basis.

Create a strategy that includes relevant and newsworthy content along with inspirational and motivational tweets that inspire your followers to get engaged in the conversation. You also want to create share-worthy content that spreads your message, and your brand, across the Twittersphere.

Bringing value when sharing your words of wisdom and hashtag'n the day away will take you far. Our place is to help you get there by sharing valuable content like this! To get more updates on the go and to join the local discussion, hop on over to our Twitter page and click the follow button! #relaxandsell 🤙



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