How Facebook's New Tool will Blow Up your Sales

Facebook has unveiled its first ad product that's specifically for the real estate industry. If you're not currently using Facebook as a tool to boost your sales, you should. Here's the latest on how they plan to help.
Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Facebook has always been a great tool for businesses and anyone really that's selling their products or services. With the emerging Facebook Pixel, the added retargeting features allow a business to track the customer from initial page view to sale.

Facebook has released its first ad product that is specifically for residential real estate brokerages yesterday when Zillow and Facebook tied the knot at the Zillow Premier Agent Forum.

We just caught wind of this new feature yesterday when Inman News announced it. This new product will allow real estate brokers and agents to run ads directly to Facebook and Instagram users who have already viewed properties on that brokerage’s website. The new product goes after house-towering Zillow, which allows you to advertise to prospective home buyers and sellers on their site.

The new real estate product connects Facebook’s ad platform with a brokerage’s search data to understand a user’s preferences, then automatically shows that user relevant listings from the brokerage’s inventory. The ads are then served on Facebook and Instagram. Once that's complete, the social media company's will look at a potential home buyer’s search activity on the broker's website and then display listings in the inventory that match the buyer’s search preferences.

With this advertising tool, real estate agents can self-promote for-sale properties, but it does require integration of the brokerage firm’s listing data and search system with Facebook’s ad platform.

According to GeekWire's post published yesterday, Facebook Director of Industry Jerry Canning then took the stage with Schwartz.

“We’re really excited because we are putting together three powerful forces,” Canning said. “Zillow, the No. 1 real estate brand; Facebook, the world’s largest social network; and of course, our secret sauce — 1,500 or so Premier Agents who are going to get behind this product.”

Facebook's not the only tech mogul focusing on the real estate market as a new way to boost advertising revenue. In July, reports stated that was getting dabbling with the real estate market when a “Hire a Realtor” link suddenly appeared on Amazon’s website during the company’s annual Prime Day event. 

The article, which was later unpublished, was reportedly located in the Home/Business Services section of the marketplace, a part of Amazon’s website dedicated to connecting customers with experts in home improvement, electronics installation, and various other services. 

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