8 Ways to make Listing Photo's more Engaging

No matter the condition of the property or the price point, you need listing pictures that catch eye balls. No need to break out a drone for an arial shot or squeeze to the corner of the master bath for a porcelain pic.
Thursday, July 27, 2017

Even if you're a complete beginner when it comes to real estate photography, there's still hope to crush it on your next listing. Research as shown that the majority of home searches begin online, so give the buyers an idea as to what the property looks like by leveraging todays technology and resources!  If photography is not your strong suit, hire the help of your college roommate for an afternoon :)

Before now, it was important to have professional quality photos of your listings. Now, as technology continues to advance into the future, your clients are going to want– and even expect– a virtual tour of their property. 

Start Here

  1. The Virtual Tour
    Companies such as Oculus Rift — which is now endeavoring to offer virtual tours of college campuses to prospective students — 3D Property Tours, and Matterport all offer ways to capture 3-D images of homes and put them together to create a virtual property walk-through. If the budget fits, seek the help of companies like these.
  2. The Lens
    Always use a wide angle camera lens to capture the full essence of a space. This allows for a wider shot which gives a true sense of both depth and detail. Also, HDR takes several exposures of the same photo and combines them giving you professional photographs that look rich and full of dynamic shades. When potential buyers are looking at photos online, HDR leaves a memorable note due to its unique a polished look.
  3. Analyze the Competition
    One of the best ways to learn how to master real estate photography is to analyze great pictures to see why they work. Most larger brokerages walk you through dozens of examples and explain why they work, and strategies to get similar results in your own photos.
  4. Give yourself time to Shoot
    A decent shoot takes about 2 hrs for a 3000 square foot home so bring a lunch ;)
  5. Using Colorful Objects in the Photos
    Use colorful artwork and vibrant pillows to make real estate photos pop and garner attention.
  6. Avoid Corners
    For some reason, sellers really like to take pictures of corners. Cold, lonely corners. Nothing is gained from a potential buyer peering into a photo of a barren corner. After all, every house has corners.
  7. Avoid Vertical Orientation
    Shoot your photographs in the horizontal or landscape orientation whenever possible.The human eye sees the world in a roughly a 4:3 aspect ratio, though the standard ratio is moving to 16:9.
  8. Shoot a few at Dusk
    Shooting exteriors at dusk can yield dramatic and lovely results.

If you’re new to taking real estate photos, the best way to learn what angles will showcase your listings best is by practicing and making sure also that you take lots of photos.

Once you nail that buyer for your awesome listing, send the paperwork over to our team. Thanks for reading and follow us social media to see more!



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