Shocking Confessions of a Bearded Real Estate Agent

Words around the campfire say that real estate agent's shouldn't have beards because it makes them less trustworthy and threatening.. Here are some beard-related pointers that may make you pick up a razor.
Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Do you carry a travel-size beard comb in the center console of your car? If you do, this article may be enable a boost of confidence for your next listing.The more beards become mainstream the faster these prejudices will fall. Rumor has it that only heavy metal fans and hipsters hold the place in line for the best beard in show. For real estate agents, it may come as a surprise that the majority (of non-beards) feel that having a beard detracts from the sale and it's best to trim or shave it.

Some male real estate agents attempt to cover up the effect of all those androgens by shaving off their beards. Others prefer to send out manly signals in every direction (well, either that or they won't even bother shaving).

I think in sales and most business situations where the client's perception of you is important, you must make the client feel comfortable with you and you should be able to do this with a professional beard. This small talking point allows agents to build almost instantaneous rapport. They can also turn this conversation into an ice breaker that sparks a closed escrow! As any sales rep knows, rapport and connection go a long way. So if you're the GQ type that grooms that Abe Lincoln and makes the beard-appearance something to flaunt, turn a deaf ear to the rest of us and list that gem with confidence!

Whether or not you have the best pitch and the best marketing methods, if you come across as underdressed compared to your competition, some owners may not list with you.

Finding online tips of the most appropriate appearance for an agent can be overly bias and skewed. The truth is, beard or no beard, as long as you have the confidence and experience to provide the best value-based support, you shouldn't have an issue. To be sure, here's a beard trustworthiness chart to reference:

As long as you are separating yourself from the competition and showing your value, the listings will come in.

If rock'n a beard is your thing, shaving you're face leaving a glistening shine or a hairless lady that's conquering the market, Relaxed Agent has the support you need to succeed! Check out our ridiculous pricing and tell your broker you want us as your preferred Transaction Team!



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