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Finding the simplest, most affordable solution giving you the best ROI is a challenge! In this blog, we're going to cover real estate lead generation basics and a product that produces insane ROI year over year.
Sunday, October 22, 2017

An empty pipeline is no fun for any sales professional.. 

Emerging tech is making it easier but where do you start? Finding the simplest, most affordable solution giving you the best ROI is a challenge! In this blog, we're going to cover real estate lead generation basics and a product that produces insane ROI year over year.

The Basics

1. Generate Hot Leads Using Zillow

A recent study from the National Association of Realtors revealed that 92% of buyers use the Internet to house hunt. This strongly indicates a need for all real estate business to have an established online presence, and Zillow is the first place you should start. Zillow Premier Agent is Zillow’s lead generation platform. As the largest real estate website with over 130 million visits per month, Zillow could generate $2.60 in commissions for every $1 spent.

2. Create, Capture, and Convert More Leads on Facebook

Facebook has made the process of generating leads on the platform much easier. With the new Lead Generation objective, you can ask customers and prospects for their information, and they can provide it without ever having to leave Facebook. Here’s how lead ads work. Show your ad to users, and if they’re interested, they’ll click the call to action to bring up a form pre-filled with their personal information that they’ve shared with the network. They can then review the information, edit it if needed and click Submit. Read about Facebook Leads here.

3. Start a Direct to Door Marketing Campaign with Door Hangers

One series of door hanger that’s really popular with agents right now is the Listing Inventory Series, designed specifically to help agents find more sellers.  But there are also hangers for FSBO’s and Expireds, which are handy to have in the car when you come across a FSBO that just popped up or see an expired come off the market that’s close by.  You can use them to brand yourself, spotlight a new listing, advertise an open house.  The possibilities are endless!  Get creative! Read more about door hangers here.

Introducing LeadPages

LeadPages is an online tool that you can use to collect email subscribers. That is the main function of LeadPages, and they provide tons of templates that you can use for lead magnets, webinars, and landing pages in order to grow your email list. LeadPages also has templates for things like sales pages — it’s a very robust tool! Now, if you’re just starting out and can’t afford to hire a designer, then LeadPages could be a great option for designing a classy, professional sales page. They have lots of templates, which are easy for anyone to customize, so you’ll likely find something that would work well for your offer.

How it works:

Drive traffic via online advertisements to a custom landing page which will capture seller leads. This generates higher quality leads and saves a bunch of money! The usual thinking on selling homes goes like this: list your properties everywhere, hold an open house, and make sure tons of people show up to increase your chances of finding buyers fast.

“It’s not just about getting these leads, it’s about figuring out who buys the most. So say you sell 10 condos to millennial apartment owners, and your average lead cost is $2. But if average lead cost is $10 for a doctor, but doctors bought 30 condos—I would rather pay the $10 and sell more condos. That cost per lead is not that big a difference when you’re selling something that’s so high-ticket.”

We recommend checking out LeadPages, if you haven't already, and start with one of there simple templates. Not to savvy with Tech? It's ok. They have a ton of support articles and helpful video's to get you setup with minimal overhead.

How Relaxed Agent Can Help With Your Next Transaction

In addition to following these tips, having a team of superstars that ensure your transaction is BRE compliant is a must if you're expecting to crush it! Relaxed Agent provides seamless and professional support to help you every step of the way. For more information on how we can help, call us today 760-213-0110 or send our team an email 👉



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