7 Must Have Tools for Real Estate Agents

Using technology in communication has become a necessity, it’s now part of our lives. People communicate through emails, faxes, mobile phones, texting, video conferences, video chat rooms and social media channels.
Saturday, July 8, 2017

Shifting from competitor focused to client focused.

Whether you’re posting on Facebook, tweeting, emailing, negotiating or communicating with potential customers, the new rule for effective communication is “Less is more.”

"If you're competitor-focused, you have to wait until there is a competitor doing something. Being client-focused allows you to be more pioneering."

In a world of quick responses, immediate dissemination of information and access to so much technology, our clients want all things real estate to be simple and easy. The following seven free apps and tools — in no particular order — will help make your job a lot easier, provide your customers with a higher level of service and show them you’re on top of your game.

1. Dropbox

Every agent should know about Dropbox by now, but for those who don’t, you need to download it ASAP. With Dropbox, you can store and access documents, photos and videos in the cloud using your computer, smartphone or tablet. 

2. Google Drive

My personal favorite app for file storage, Google Drive seems to do it all. Use it to store and share photos of properties in the cloud. Since every Gmail user has a Google Drive account, it’s easy to share files with users since a lot of people have Gmail. You can also create documents, spreadsheets, and slides with it.

3. Evernote

Like Dropbox for files, Evernote is like a sticky note for your mobile devices. With access from your laptop, smartphone or tablet, the Evernote app makes sure any little thing you need to remember or jot down is available to you wherever you go. Use Evernote at an inspection to quickly make notes for follow-up, take down a phone number from a For Sale sign or add a reminder for something later in the day.

4. Slydial

When you don’t have time for chit chat, but need to explain something to a client in detail, skip straight to voicemail by using Slydial.

5. Slack

When it comes to technological adoption, the same could be said for our industry. Slack is an elegant team chat tool. It enables frictionless communication, easier collaboration amongst individuals and teams and boasts a powerful search tool. 

6. Folio

Automatically organize transactions. Folio automatically places emails into Smart Folders for each one of your transactions. Documents & files at a glance. Easily find important documents and contacts for each transaction you're working on. 

7. Twitter

OK, people are either Twitter users or they’re not. Non-users probably don’t understand the value of microblogging; other agents like and understand Facebook and feel that it’s the only social media platform they need to use for their business. But there is more to it. You can leverage Twitter to get breaking news or to be in the know about all things going on in your local community. 

We are all different, but in many instances technology can mean the difference between closing 1 and closing 100. Their are creative ways to ethically move more buyers and sellers toward saying “Yes!” to your services. Posting 1-4 times per week on Twitter achieves 71% higher user engagement than 5+ posts per week.

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