6 Ways You can Multitask Like a Boss

“Time is money.” We all know that phrase. But, as an agent, your time really is money. You don’t get paid for the hours you put in. You get paid based on your results: the more you buy/sell, the more money you make.
Monday, July 10, 2017

Today’s agents are bombarded with distractions, interruptions and data overload. While reading this article, many of you will probably be checking your phones while simultaneously checking your social media feeds on your tablets and streaming Game of Thrones on Hulu. Since you can’t add hours to your day, make the most of the ones you have. Using your time wisely will help you focus and, ultimately, boost your success. It’s one of the most useful skills a real estate salesperson can have! 

Closings don’t happen by accident. They are well planned and well executed.

Think of your day in chunks and block out discreet times of the day to achieve specific tasks.

Consider implementing these 6 pointers in your work week to make your workflow a bit more relaxing and accomplished so you can #relaxandsell

1. Combining Similar Tasks

Block off a specific amount of time to make cold calls each day. Return calls at the same time each day rather than continually checking your voicemail all day long. Designate an hour or two in the afternoon for prospecting for the following day. Once the time is up, move on to another task. 

2. Prioritize and do Important Things First

This simple tip sets the tone for the rest of your project list. Everything else seems easy and more manageable once you knock out the distressing tasks first and coast through the afternoon.

3. Time Management

This one's a "duh" pointer for sure! When it comes to managing your time, the first step is to figure out where it goes. Most people are unaware of the habits that kill their productivity. If you’re suffering from too much to do and not enough time to do it, the best way to get it under control is to acknowledge and understand your habits. Hence the reason why Relaxed Agent free's up that time! Go golfing or something :)

4. Grouping your Listing Appointments

Grid your territory, meet with clients and catch up with prospective sellers all within the same area. When you effectively manage your travel between appointments, you can meet with more prospective buyers, increasing your sales potential. Plus it saves on gas!

5. Avoiding Distractions

Although social media is an increasingly important component of the sales process for agents, spending 15 minutes checking updates and newsfeeds can easily turn into an hour wasted by browsing the newest collection of cat videos. There's plenty of time tonight to kick the feet up and flip through them!

6. Be Sure to take a Break

This simple no-brainer tip to take a break improves your focus and increases your productivity. Tearing yourself away from the computer for as little as 10 minutes and taking a walk will help your clear your mind and improve your concentration. This really comes in handy if transactions for the month have fallen short and you're in a rut.

Developing your new productivity plan of action interrupts crisis mode and chaos, allowing the natural flow for enhanced productivity, less distractions and better time management. 

When you manage your time rather than letting it manage you, you’ll be more productive and successful, less stressed and more effective. On top of the newfound time and focus gained from these tips, you also have us to manage to manage your transactions. What are you going to do that you're able to relax?!?



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