5 Effective Tips to Handle a Difficult Real Estate Client.

It's a hard pill to swallow when a hard-to-please client comes along. Clients like these come with the territory, but listening and putting yourself in your their shoes can help alleviate challenging situations.
Saturday, September 23, 2017

You've got a hard pill to swallow when a hard-to-please client comes along. Clients like these come with the territory, but listening, putting yourself in your clients’ shoes and educating can help alleviate challenging situations. Here are some effective tools that real estate professionals across the country are using when working with difficult clients.

1. Listen

This one's first because it's the tool that rarely get's used. It serves two purposes: One, they get their concerns off their chest and they know you care about their deep rooted pain points. Two, you find out if any of their concerns are legitimate. Many times the concerns are personal in nature and having them vent is the first step to closing the deal.

2. Take to Account any Personality Conflicts

One size does not fit all. Your prospects are individuals with personalities as varied as their personal needs, so a successful real estate agent needs the ability to sell to different personality types. Before working with a client, it may be wise to prescreen and filter out any sensitive areas where conflicts may arise. As we all are aware, each person has different needs and wants, and it's important to know that theirs are in line with yours. After an interview and a determination is made by both parties, make the decision to proceed or withdrawal to save yourself the headache.

3. Patiently Educate Your Client

Here’s where many agents blow the relationship right up front: They fail to educate their prospects and clients on the EXACT PROCESS of buying or selling. And by doing this, they fail to remove the inherent FEARS present in people. The truth is, most people are silently wishing you would take the lead and help them make a decision. By simply telling them at each stage what you’ll be doing to service them. This also enhances your image and value as a true professional. Now, more than ever, real estate professionals are more inclined to put up with difficult buyers. But really all real estate professionals should put their foot down and educate the difficult buyers as to how the interactions should go between the agent and buyer. 

4. Find Creative Work-Arounds

Agents need to be alert to the possibility that a deal between willing and able buyers and sellers can get derailed in the eleventh hour. When an impasse occurs, the agent should get to the bottom of what’s really going on. Most importantly, everyone involved — agents, buyer, and seller — has no doubt invested a lot of time and energy into the deal already. When it stalls, it’s time to put heads together and come up with a creative compromise like the seller buying down the buyer’s interest rate or paying the property taxes on the property. Even the hottest of tempers should simmer down once a little empathy is applied.

5. Put Yourself in their Shoes

Real estate brokerages and agents have to empathize with their clients in order to design the best customer experience. When you can see the home-buying or selling process through your clients’ eyes, you can create an experience for them that better serves their needs. 

“Often, when we’re not able to connect with a client, it’s because we are trying to convince them to see things our way, from our perspective. Unfortunately, this attempt is futile. In fact, it works just the opposite. You need to communicate your position through their perspective."

When you truly put yourself in the shoes of an overly assertive client, the experience they’re getting feels different, more real and a connection can be made to push the sale through the finish line.

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